Easily Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 Without Special Tools or Knowledge

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 because it has been missing for a longer than usual period. However, we now have a new piece of software that was just released which will provide users an untethered and permanent jailbreak for their iPhone 4 running 6.1 iOS firmware.

In the past, when iPhone was first introduced, hardware tampering was required to jailbreak the device. Jailbreaking iPhone 4 will allow you to remove the restrictions placed by Apple for downloading third party software. When iPhone was the only smart phone in the market, the apps and tools from App store seemed sufficient. However, there are a number of other smart phones in the industry and many third party websites provide free download of interesting apps and tools. Without jailbreaking your phone, you can’t possibly imagine downloading these interesting tweaks. Jailbreaking allows you to uncover the true potential of your iPhone as you will be able to access iOS core with the jailbreak tweaks. Simple tweaks can result in major performance improvement and if you are an avid iPhone user, you should definitely give jailbreaking a try.

Can You Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1?

The main reason behind the success of iPhone 4 jailbreak is that you can easily develop third party tools and apps. The jailbreak store Cydia houses thousands of apps and many of them are available for free. The features of paid apps on App store can be obtained for free from Cydia store. The jailbreak app store is populated with numerous interesting apps that dig deep into the iOS operating system.

App developers too now prefer developing apps exclusively for jailbreak users because they have the freedom of extending and expanding iOS features. Apple heavily moderates apps and tools that can be downloaded from the App store. This means that developers don’t have necessary freedom to develop truly useful apps. The phone manufacturer is keen on locking down features of iOS operating system so that those features can be included later with new iOS updates and new hardware. With access to iOS core, developers can easily bring out these features and Apple is not interested in allowing them. That is why, there are so many useful tools in the jailbreak app store because developers are free to create any app of their choice. As long as the apps and tweaks are useful, they become popular with iPhone users.

With the App store, the developers have to pay a huge chunk of their profits to Apple when they succeed with their apps. This too dampens the mood of developers because they are not rewarded well for their efforts. In the jailbreak app store, most of the apps are free and they are loaded with useful ads which is a win-win for iPhone users, developers and advertisers.

Another reason for the popularity of iPhone 4 jailbreaking is that you can unlock iPhone 4 after jailbreaking it. As any third party software can be installed after jailbreak, you can download and use unlock software to use any SIM card of your choice with your phone. The freedom from expensive monthly contracts is a good enough reason to Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1. The best part of jailbreaking is that the jailbreak app store Cydia and Apple’s app store co-exist in the same device. This means that you have nothing to lose and so much to gain once you discover the benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone 4.

Step By Step Guide To Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1

To jailbreak the iPhone 4, you have to use software that is designed to jailbreak your device. The freeware tools can be easily downloaded from internet, but most of them are loaded with other malicious programs that are developed to cause damage to your phone and computer. If you are able to find virus free freeware programs, you will find that the tools are not developed for the iOS firmware for your device. In that case, you have to upgrade or downgrade iOS firmware with extreme caution in order to work with freeware jailbreak tools. You also need to learn everything about how to Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 for free before proceeding.

  • To safely jailbreak your device, go to this website and download reliable software.
  • Install and open the software and follow it’s prompts.
  • Connect iPhone to your computer with USB cable.
  • Launch the jailbreaking software and click on Browse to choose iOS 6.1 firmware on your computer.
  • Wait until iTunes completes restoring your device. You may get some errors during the process, but ignore those errors and continue with Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1.
  • Reboot your iPhone after following the software prompts and instructions
  • Look for Cydia on spring board and enjoy jailbroken iPhone.

Jailbreak iPhone 4 6.1 Easily Within A Few Minutes With Trusted Software

No technical support can be expected if you use freeware tools for jailbreaking your device. So, if you have trouble with free jailbreak, all you can do is restore the device and restart the free tool over and over again. Instead of risking your phone by exposing it to unreliable software tools, we recommend that you use automatic software to jailbreak iPhone 4. With this software, you will be able to jailbreak your device in a few minutes. The jailbreak you get is completely untethered and your iPhone need not be hooked with a computer for every reboot. The software is updated constantly so that new iOS updates are always jailbroken on the day of release. You will also get technical support from the software development team for any queries regarding jailbreaking.

How To Jailbreak iOS6 iPhone 4 – Software & Instructions Included

With the recent changes Apple has pushed out, many users want to jailbreak iOS 6 on their iPhone 4. While there are few solutions to this problem, the steps below will do it all for you.

Do not be afraid of the word jailbreak thinking it to be something that is illegal as the word connotes images of inmates trying to break away from jail. Jailbreak is just a simple modification done on your iPhone that removes many of the restrictions that are placed upon it by the manufacturer. If you had any apprehensions in this regard, forget them as jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 6 has been declared as perfectly legal by those who matter, that are the authorities in the country. Do not assume jailbreak to be any physical activity like opening the lock of a room with keys. In fact, it is done by changing the operating system of the device a bit. These set of instructions are given to the iOS in the form of software and the entire process takes just a few minutes to free the phone from the restrictions imposed upon it by the manufacturer.

Reasons To Jailbreak iOS6 iPhone 4/4S
All of us know that smartphones are used mostly for the wonderful apps they are able to run. And iPhones are no exception. Apple has made arrangements to see that its customers do not have to run here and there for apps and they #can easily download apps from the specially made app store that contains more than a hundred thousand apps at present. But what irritates customers is that they do not have the freedom to download interesting apps they like from anywhere else other than this app store. On top of this binding is the fact that they are made to pay for some apps that are available for free on some websites on the internet.  Jailbreaking your iPhone 4 running iOS 6 removes this restriction and the user finds that he can now get an app from any website easily thus saving him money as well.

Ask any iPhone 4S/4 owner about whether he is satisfied by the level of customization he is able to achieve with his gadget and you are sure to get a negative reply. The reason behind this disappointment is not difficult to fathom. Apple does not like the idea of customization and at best allows downloading of some themes and wallpapers and that too from its app store. In comparison, one look at other smartphones and you are surprised to see how different an owner can turn his home screen to make his phone as unique as he wants. It is only after jailbreaking iOS6 that an iPhone owner realizes what he had been missing till now.

Once an iPhone owner realizes what he stands to get in lieu of a simple iOS6 modification called jail breaking, he readily agrees for the same and looks for ways to have a safe and efficient jail break performed on his phone. But even a simple process like jailbreak can sometimes backfire in the form damaged gadget or the software catching virus. This is why it is advisable not to attempt forcing a change in the iOS until you are fully confident about your knowledge about the procedure.  There are many companies providing services for jailbreak in exchange for a small amount of money. Take a look at the following tutorial that one can try for his iPhone 4 already updated to  iOS 6:

Step 1: Download the software from: Official iOS6 Jailbreak
Step 2: Connect your gadget with the internet using USB port
Step 3: Open the browser on your iPhone and log on to the website of JailbreakMe.com
Step 4 iOS 6: Download the right version depending upon the baseband of your iPhone 4
Step 5: Unzip the file and place it in a folder by the same name on your desktop
Step 6: Run the software that begins the process of jailbreak
Step 7: Once you see the message that Cydia has been added to your home screen, you can relax as you finally have a jail broken phone
Step 8: Press OK and close the browser

Using Software To Jailbreak iOS6 Firmware
It goes without saying that jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 6 makes the phone more functional and removes many of the irritating restrictions placed by Apple upon its customers. However, the fact that many customers have suffered as they got their phones bricked while trying to complete the process on their own suggests one should exercise caution.  Proceed with your plans to jailbreak only when you are sure about the company’s reputation and reliability of its tool. For that reason, we only suggest downloading from the company linked to in step number one!

Expert Advice to Jailbreak iPhone 4 Cell Phones For Free

**UPDATE** We Now Only Recommend One Solution For Jailbreaking iPhones - Get It Here >>


You can buy the best television sets, best of the laptops, and of course other gadgets if you have the money and want to own the latest and the best in the business. You know that you are asked to pay more than you would pay for the run of the mill products. The same should be the case with iPhone 4 but surprisingly, Apple sells it at a low and subsidized rate and not what it its price should be.

This is a clever ploy as Apple knows it can sell many more times the iPhones this way as it can recover the subsidy in the shape of high tariff plans through the carrier that sells these iPhones. This is the reason why iPhones sell in such high numbers but this is also the reason why owners soon become disenchanted and start to feel the financial burden. In a situation like this, jailbreak iPhone 4 is the only way that these owners can discontinue with the services of their carriers and insert the SIM of the carrier that they think charges the right prices.

Can You Jailbreak iPhone 4?

This is a question only those who are unaware of the benefits of jailbreaking can ask. There can be no two opinions about the fact that iPhone 4 is one of the best smartphones around, if not outright best. Though there are many who feel that with the newly introduced feature of voice command called SIRI, Apple has left competition far behind and it will take months if not years before any other electronic company can even come close to the sleek designing and features of iPhone 4.

However, those who know what jailbreak is all about say that the qualities of the gadget have nothing to do with the desire or desperation to look for jailbreak iPhone 4. This is because it is the financial burden experienced by the customers in the shape of inflated monthly invoices that makes them desperate to look for ways to get away from the clutches of Apple and the carrier that sold them the contract.

The tariff plans are so designed so as to accommodate a part of the cost of the device that goes to the maker of the gadget, Apple recovers the price of the iPhone in this manner for a long time which is the duration of the contract. Some carriers provide a contract of 18 months while others provide a 2 year contract. This means that the customer is forced to pay high tariffs for at least 18-24 months.

How To safely jailbreak iPhone 4 phones

Now that it has been described what drives hapless iPhone 4 owners towards jailbreaking, it becomes necessary to talk about the manner in which customers are helped. iPhones are not GSM but CDMA phones and they can work only with the SIM that people get from the carrier that sells the contract. jailbreaking, that is a process that makes changes in the operating system or the software of the iPhone, removes the lock introduced by Apple from the phone forcing it to accept the SIM of any carrier instead of only the carrier that sold the gadget. This is a simple process that requires a few steps as it tweaks the iOS. You can try out jailbreaking with the help of this method for your own iPhone 4.

  • Step 1: Download authentic jailbreaking software from this website.
  • Step 2: Ensure you have the fresh version of iTunes
  • Step 3: Get to the tool from SAM for jailbreaking and download it
  • Step 4: Launch the software on the computer and click on Deactivate once you are inside Utilities
  • Step 5: Go to More Information and click on the relevant carrier and country options
  • Step 6: You are prompted to give details of your IMSI number
  • Step 7: Copy paste the number manually in the software
  • Step 8: To reactivate the phone visit iTunes
  • Step 9: There is some error as it says phone cannot be activated
  • Step 10: Try again and you will see that the gadget has also been jailbreaked

Top Tips when looking to jailbreak your Apple iPhone:

Most Apple users are happy with the performance of their devices and are glad that they can use advanced apps and also the latest technology on the market available to the public. But in many cases, soon after buying, the user wants to get rid of the imposed restrictions of the mobile carrier company or the ones which do not allow them to download apps from third parties. This is why the practical solution involves the simplest way to jailbreak iPhone 4 software and to give it the dexterity it was created for. During this process the restrictions imposed by the producer are removed and the user can choose whatever carrier he feels comfortable with.

Many mobile phone companies do not want their clients to jailbreak iPhone because in that way they are free to move around to whatever carrier suits them best. Therefore, they simply do not encourage and can even suspend the guarantee certificate. But being locked down with a simply outrageous monthly payment is not an option. With the help of various hackers and independent developers the process to jailbreak iPhone 4 software has become much easier for every user. In that way, the new software takes advantage of the hole in the system and can make changes so that the any carrier’s SIM card is accepted in the phone. The whole process is rather easy if the user grasps some major points in the whole jailbreak software principles. It is important to act with caution if it is the first attempt to do so because a novice can easily ruin the work of the software.

There are two ways of tweaking an iPhone and both are efficient. The first one involved the hardware and implies serious changes to the way it is designed. If this method is not comfortable, and for many it will not be, there is always the solution of jailbreaking phone software with the help of a computer. With the last method there is the possibility to reverse the changes made and to turn the phone back to its initial configuration. Many people want at a certain point to come back to the initial version and this can easily be done with the help of updating the system from the Apple store.

In many cases it is recommendable the jailbreak iPhone 4 software solutions than the hardware one. Toying with the internal components is rather risky and users are urged to get the advice of a specialist and not attempt for themselves. The whole idea is many people will eventually ruin the device if they start taking out a variety of components. The other solution is available to anyone. It is important to research all the options on the market before either trying a free one or buying a program. In that way, the possibility to eliminate counterfeits is great. There is no actual point in being limited to a certain carrier so the whole idea is to pinpoint the right solution and stick to it.

Though a simple and easy process, jailbreak iPhone 4 has left many bruised egos and phones behind when people have made errors in following instructions provided by companies on the web. It is far better to search for a reliable company that takes guaranty to complete the process on your iPhone 4.

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